Brush Sauce Theatre : Art Group

Lately I’ve been trapped under the big old artist block, trying to come up with some sort of fantasy piece to enter into an artshow this Monday. This entire month I’ve been stuck, doing piece after piece, and throwing them all away. I was almost at my frustration breaking point, not sure what to do, since I’m now on a really tight time frame.

On Saturday, I got an email notification that one of my favorite artists, Adam Duff had released one of his art talks, which I watched. The art talk itself was good, but what really caught my eye was what he mentioned afterward. He advertised a Google+ group called Brush Sauce Theatre (BST), where you can submit your art for critique. Every month, they host a “contest,” where they give you a phrase that you have to illustrate, then when the deadline hits, they make a youtube video where they critique the art you submit.

I watched some of these videos in fascination, suddenly having a huge desire to enter one of these contests myself. So I went to the group and checked out this month’s theme, which is “Last Sanctuary.” I got a great image for this piece, and began to paint, and I must say that this piece is already one of the best I’ve done, and I haven’t even finished it yet! I’m excited to present it when it’s done.

If you are interested, I’ve posted a BST episode below for you to check out:



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